As a gift from Nathaniel’s fans, we’re putting together a memory book for his mother, Elizabeth Jackson. Nathaniel touched us all in a special way through his work, his interaction with fans, and his big heart. If you have a memory, words of encouragement, or pictures of Nathaniel you’d like to share with Elizabeth, please email them to Kathy Fuller at this address: by December 15th. We plan to give Elizabeth the book during the weekend of the memorial service, which is on January 16th.

Some ideas for the memory book can include:

--a special fan encounter (although all fan encounters with Nathaniel were special!)

--a favorite magazine quote you’ve saved

--a favorite role he played and why

--how he made an impact on your life

--a favorite scene or performance

--a prayer, quote, or proverb

Once Elizabeth has received the memory book, there will be a PDF file available for download at


Deadline: December 15, 2015

Thank you!



Questions, comments, or concerns? Please contact