On The Other Side Of The Camera

This is when I was 15: my mom, Barbara Coburn, Atom Coburn and myself, a little self portrait of the family. Along our lives we all sort of are adopted by people and we have families for short periods of time, at least in my life, I've had millions of families, and so these people for a while were our family.



Started out they'd invite us for Christmas dinners, we took this trip up to Yosemite, it was Thanksgiving, I was 15 years old, and this next series of pictures are from that time. I really started getting into photography, and I really liked Ansel Adams and I was in Yosemite and I had my camera, and this is a bear track that I took a picture of and [was] just like experimenting with the camera and getting that sort of Ansel Adams black and white woodsy feeling.


This is my mom, the redwoods, sequoias, a little color........

Photo of the Photographer

More Ansel Adams type photos, house, things......

Atom, who was very very cool. Nirvana, the band, hadn't become popular yet. Atom was very much on the fringe and the cuff of these things so during this whole trip we listened to a demo tape of Nirvana (the Net) which was the first album of theirs. So it was funny when two years later it comes out and I'm like "Who are those guys? I know them, I've heard that before."


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