Nathaniel's 3rd Annual Fan Club Event
August 4, 2007

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All photos this page courtesy Thomas Montalto, unless otherwise noted

Thanks so much to our special guest Sean Ringgold
for hanging out with us and making our party just that much better!


photo courtesy Jenny-May


I think Nathaniel's a great actor and a great guy, no doubt about it. His event exceeded my expectations and I had a great time. When he sat down to talk with us you could tell he was a regular guy, not "actor-y" at all. It was a great venue and you could tell everyone was enjoying it.
~Phil Perry from San Francisco, CA



NMFC Execs (we missed you, Michelle)



photo courtesy Julie



This wasn't my first time meeting Nathaniel, but it's the first time I've attended his private fan club event, and it was amazing. Nathaniel gets it, more than most. He understands how he got where he is, and he really shows his appreciation. It's nice to see one of the younger actors who really gets it and who acknowledges our support.
~Jenny-May Olsen from Annapolis, MD


photo courtesy Julie


photo courtesy Jenny-May


photo courtesy Jenny-May



This was my second time coming down from Canada for Nathaniel's event and it was wonderful, even better than the first. I loved it. I couldn't believe the fact that he remembered my name, remembered where I come from, not just that I'm from Canada, but from South Africa before that. It's amazing the way he gets to know his fans.
~Lynn Purto from Toronto, Canada


photo courtesy Kim




Show Off!
photo courtesy Julie


photo courtesy Lynn

It's my first trip to New York and I'm having a blast. I loved Nathaniel's event. I really felt that he cared about his fans. He was very humble and down-to-earth, very different than what you would expect from an actor. The surprise guest (Sean Ringgold) was very nice, too. A lot of fun. I'm definitely coming again next year, and I'm bringing my sister, too.
~ Priscilla Porra from West Covina, CA


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