Nathaniel and Carrie
Photo courtesy of Christina Gan

Nathaniel & Nina Willette

Nathaniel and Jeania Davis

Nathaniel and Michelle Gorman

Nathaniel with Tina Bibens & Lisa Frasier

Nathaniel with Roseline Abraham & Leslyn Smith

Nathaniel with Nadine

Nathaniel with Christine

Nathaniel with Jess, April 2007


Nathaniel with Johanna, August 2007

Nathaniel with Sandra, July 2009
photo courtesy Sandra P from Montreal
(click photo to enlarge)

Nathaniel with Jannette & Joe

Nathaniel with Lisa Tangredi

Nathaniel with Fan February Contest Winner Stephanie Ryan
January 2007


Nathaniel with Brandon, June 2007

Nathaniel with Lois Troutman, 2005

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