Inside the Studio

56 West 66th Street

Come on in!

Checking in at the front desk

......and chatting with Downstairs Security Guard David Coleman


Welcome to my dressingroom. This is actually the fired guys' room. Everyone in here has been fired. Michael Tipps, I replaced him. BJ (Brandon Routh/ex-Seth), he's Superman now. Bruce (Michael Hall/ex-Joey), Javier (Morga/ex-Tico)...and me!

Mmmmmmm! Granola, soda, and O.J.
(note all the mail and packages behind the refrigerator door)

The Hair and Make-up Room

Standing outside co-star Kathy Brier's dressingroom

The infamous pull-up bar in Nathaniel's dressingroom doorway

Nathaniel is lucky, he currently doesn't have to share his space!

Creating the "pretty face"


Heading towards the dressingroom hallway

Rummaging in the Prop Storage Room

Checking out the threads

Talking with Production Coordinator Sheyne



Look what we found!


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