Summary of Nathaniel's Roles


Michael McBain - One Life to Live
February, 2004-November, 2007

Dr. Michael McBain is serving his residency at Llanview Hospital. After accidentally taking the wrong prescription medication, he was on the brink of death until Marcie Walsh revived him and saved his life.

But when Michael became conscious, he was no longer alone—the soul of Al Holden had entered his body. Al had until Valentine's Day to make Marcie fall in love with Michael, and to help Michael become a better person. Once he did that, he became Michael permanently. Neither he nor Marcie remembers that Al's soul is inside. Michael's brother, John McBain is the Chief of Detectives for the Llanview PD. Their mother, Eve McBain, is a lounge singer. Cousin Shannon is a student at Llanview University.

Alonzo “Al” Holden - One Life to Live
December, 2001-February, 2004

Al Holden was the son of Gabrielle Medina and Max Holden. Born in Argentina, he lived with his mother until she was sent to prison when he was five years old. He then stayed with his father and stepmother, Luna Moody Holden, until Gabrielle was released, and he went to live with her. He returned to Llanview as a young adult, carrying a grudge against Max for abandoning him and his mother financially and emotionally. Briefly he was adopted by Asa Buchanan but eventually reconciled with his father. Soon afterward Al became involved with Jennifer Rappaport , a relationship that almost destroyed him.


After realizing Jen was using him, Al tried to get his life back on track, and secretly took a job as the Voice of the Night on the college radio station. But the pressures of school and work led him to take speed to cope, and eventually he became addicted. Marcie Walsh, a tutor hired by his parents, not only helped him with his grades but also staged an intervention so he could detoxify. Drug free, Al vowed to straighten himself out, and embarked on a sweet romantic relationship with Marcie. The two fell in love, and he supported her during her problems with Madison and Deke, who eventually tried to kill her by leaving her in a dumpster. Al rescued her, but she caught a virus, which she passed on to Al. His system weakened by his drug use, Al's liver failed. Gabrielle donated part of her liver during a transplant, but Al died. Unable to exist apart from Marcie, he begged his deceased stepmother, Luna, to help him find his way back to Marcie. He was a ghost and then he shared a body with Michael McBain for several months in an attempt to win Marcie's heart all over again.


Eddie Silva- As the World Turns
March, 1998-January, 2000

Eddie's mother, Deena, was a drug user killed by police officer Margo Hughes. Guilt ridden over the death, Margo took Eddie into her home, and he revealed his troubled childhood spent in foster care. He briefly dated Katie, but later fell in love with his best friend Georgia Tucker. He also searched for his father who had abandoned his mother when she was pregnant. Eventually he learned his father was his boss, Alec Wallace, a man he admired. Soon afterward Alec was murdered and Margo was accused of the crime, but it was actually Eddie's fiancée Georgia who had killed Alec. The murder was ruled an accident, and Eddie and Georgia married, leaving Oakdale with the 25 million dollar inheritance Eddie received from his father.

Jack Tisdale- Matt Waters

Jack was a series regular role. He was a street-wise, inner city kid with a good, sweet soul.


The Paw (2005)
Clint Powers

In this 15-minute short film, which was directed by Ritchie Steven Filippi, Nathaniel takes on the role of egotistical detective Clint Powers as he sets out to solve the mysterious death of a wealthy collector. In addition to starring in the film, Nathaniel also acted as Co-Producer. This modern-day film noir took home three major awards at the Hofstra University Film Festival: Best Director, Best Cinematography, and Best Set Design. In addition, it was an Official Selection at the Long Island International Film Expo, as well as the GCC Independent Film Showcase.


Skip Cromwell

Skip is a self-centered, lug-head American football player with a heart of gold. Skip travels to Italy to join/coach a fledgling Italian team in the fine art of American football.


Robert is dark and disturbed character, a lurker. He is an important piece to the puzzle of the film.

THE CRAFT (1996)

Trey is an arrogant, affluent student attending an exclusive Catholic high school in Los Angeles. Trey and his friends Chris and Mitt form a callous trio of young Lotharios. When Chris breaks the wrong heart, Trey and Mitt are forced to watch helplessly as their friend becomes the unknowing victim of witchcraft.

Rosario Cappamezza

Rosario is a high school student playing Romeo in his church play. When the original Juliet is injured and unable to perform, a new leading lady, Gina Malacicci, is cast. Unfortunately, their parents have an acrimonious business rivalry. Rosario and Gina fall in love and struggle to be together, despite their parents' repeated attempts to keep them apart.


A Delicate Arrangement
Aldo Calabrese

June 3-4, 2005
Playhouse on the Green
Bridgeport, CT

Nathaniel joined his One Life To Live cast mate Robin Strasser in a staged reading of the play A Delicate Arrangement by Dawn O’Leary. His character, Aldo Calabrese, is a struggling actor who bears a striking resemblence to a famous painter, long-dead, as a young man. He is hired by an art authenticator to ingratiate himself into the life of the artist's elderly reclusive widow (played by Strasser) in order to confirm the expert's opinion that some of the works attributed to the painter were actually done by someone else.

He performed again in A Delicate Arrangement the following weekend at John Drew Theater at Guild Hall in East Hampton, NY with Ted Hartley, Dina Merrill, and Danica McKeller (The Wonder Years).

A Stone Carver
Raff Malatesta
July 15-16. 2005
Playhouse on the Green
Bridgeport, CT

July 15 & 16th marked Nathaniel’s second staged reading at Playhouse on the Green in Bridgeport. He was asked to step in for Ralph Macchio (The Karate Kid) in William Mastrosimone’s A Stone Carver. This rarely-staged play centers around the relationship between a father,played by Dan Lauria (The Wonder Years) who refuses to give up his property to make way for a new road, and a son (Marston) who has trouble understanding his father's reasoning. It was directed by Robert Kalfin, founder of New York City's Chelsea Theater Center.

Did you know?

*Nathaniel was the 8th actor to play Al Holden

*He co-starred alongside veteran actor Paul Sorvino in two feature films- Love Is All There Is and Ciao America

* Ciao America was filmed on location in Ferrara, Italy

* Love Is All There Is was filmed in 1994 but wasn't released until 1996. It was shown out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival

*Nathaniel's first leading lady was Academy Award winner Angelina Jolie

*His love interest on As the World Turns (Georgia) was played by Jaime Dudney, daughter of country star Barbara Mandrell.

*Nathaniel received a Soap Opera Digest Outstanding Male Newcomer Award nomination for his role as Eddie Silva.

* Ordinary Sinner won the "Best Feature Film" award, at the Slamdunk Film Festival in 2002.

* The Craft won an MTV Movie award in 1997 for Best Fight Scene.


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